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Swiss artist Donald Jacob lives and work in Switzerland and Denmark. Art School in Basel.

The abundance that lies in the few.




what is your point of view?

what is your inner landscape?

what is your essence?


expositions choice

2017  GroupExhibition, Markthalle, Basel

2017  Solo Exhibition, Mehrsicht, Basel

2017  Solo Exhibition, storegade, Roenne, Denmark
2017  Finalist, NationalGallery London Painting-Portrait Competition

2016  Finalist, NationalGallery London Photo-Portrait Competition

2016  Installation, Bornholm, Denmark

2016  Solo Exhibition, storegade, Roenne, Denmark

2015  Installation, Basel, Switzerland

2015  Installation, Freiburg, Germany

2015  Installation, Alp Kägi, Switzerland

2015  Installation, Baden, Switzerland

2015  Installation, Zürich, Switzerland

2015  Solo Exhibition, tw22, Basel, Switzerland

2014  Installation, Konstanz, Switzerland

2014  Installation, Basel, Switzerland

2014  Solo Exhibition, tw22, Basel, Switzerland

2014  Solo Exhibition, Weingut Dinger, Freiburg, Germany

2013  Solo Exhibition, dg, Zürich, Switzerland

2012  Solo Exhibition, Markthalle, Basel, Switzerland

2012  Solo Exhibition, tw22, Basel, Switzerland

2012  Solo Exhibition, Gaia, Wittisheim, France

2012  Group Exhibition, rosabraun, Stuttgart, Germany

2010  Group Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland

2010  Installation „into the silence lV“, Basel, Switzerland

2009  Installation „into the silence ll“, Gaia, Wittisheim, France

2009  Installation „into the silence lll“,  Basel, Schweiz

2006  Solo Exhibition, Allschwil, Switzerland

2006  Solo Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland

2005  Ausstellung, Baudepartement Basel, Schweiz

2000  Künstlerprojekt, Kaori, Kyoto, Japan

1999  Installation, Warteck, Basel During ART99

1999  Installation, Augst, private collection

1998  Landart Friedhof Hörnli, Basel

1997  Rauminstallation Liste 97 during ART97

the abundance that lies in the few



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