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into the silence



installation water, natural stone, concrete, light




Into the silence is a path, a conversation, an encounter with the self, in a museum, in a place, here in the former KlarWasser room of a brewery. A windowless space of 24x 24 meters and 8 meters high. Each participant walks on a path over dark water, which symbolizes the unconscious. Safety vests hang on the wall, symbolizing our fragmentation, our thought framework, the formatting of our hard drive, which gives us supposed certainty in the vastness of the cosmos, the chaos. The indefinite depth of the black water makes some visitors waver and become uncertain, feelings explode and the perspective expands. Halfway through, the visitors reach a certain point and dive into a landscape of felt. A confrontation with consciousness takes place.


Credits: Karin Wagner felt-installation    |    video:  Beat Toniolo


Link to video


overdose   |    grace


2020    |     installation, London, UK


We are under constant digital bombardment, our senses are flooded with impressions, we lose ourselves in the constant noise and can only lie down. A child speaks to us in our deepest being, directly and immediately. It lies there defenseless, absolutely innocent, untouched by all the noise - a state of complete lightheartedness, peace - a grace.

7 gates

7 Gates

2019    |    Art Festival  Strasbourg    Jardins de Gaia, France

7 wooden columns 200- 400cm 20x20cm painted



The installation consists of 7 Torii columns. The pillars are gates. They are painted in the original red Torii color. The number seven has been of paramount importance in many ways since antiquity, be it in our biographical phases of life, which take place every 7 years.

The 7 has fascinated people at all times and in all cultures. It shapes our everyday life and gives it rhythm with the days of the week. There are seven wonders of the world, seven dwarves in the fairy tale. Turtling in seventh heaven is sometimes followed by the darned seventh year. Life processes are shaped by the rhythm of 7 and much more. The installation takes up this theme of the number 7 and connects it with the symbolism of Torii to a work.

It offers the opportunity to reflect on one's own life stages. With the precise positioning of the gates, a spatial depth is created and the red color is complementary to the surrounding green of the Japanese garden.

Link to video 


Delicate Balance  and   Dancing Hammer


2012    |     Art Festiva, l  Kyoto,  Japan     |      Glass tubes, hammer


Glass breaks, fragility, the walk on the edge, how much can it take until it breaks? Violent hardness meets fragility, the heavy - dark mass - opaque meets the light - light transparency.

credits: Kaori , Yuki Sakamoto


Link to video 1

Link to video 2



2007    |    private, Street Art  London UK     |    Natural Stones

Massive stone cuboids in balance and in the field of polarity

credits: Lolo, Jose de la Vega, Mirjam Moller


Into the silence lll 

2010    |     Street Art  Basel,  Blaser Architekten, Switzerland    |     purpur fabric


Kinetic Sculpture, surreal landscape, moving wall with the wind, creating hyperrealistic moments in the perception of the visitors


Link to video

Baum Nebel.jpg
1001 Baum.jpg


2014    |      Kunst Museum   Basel, Switzerland    |     not yet realised


A forest planted in the atrium of the museum. Nature in built space. Fog, glistening light, living green and sounds so dense that you can't see through it, that you can't see the forest for the trees when you are in it. A confrontation with the inner and outer nature, the path, seeing where we stand, fog-shrouded reality or illusion? An interactive artwork to walk and listen, smell, feel, the trees whisper and silence becomes audible through multidirectional sound installations, a performative, multisensory installation that touches us on different levels and senses.


white sheep


2012 | 80 V masks    |    Temporary installation étagère Museum, Paris, France


We are all part of a society, functioning, adapting more or less. Who are we behind the mask? Naked self. Self-denial out of fear of being oneself, daring to raise one's voice, to speak one's mind and then to be defamed, expelled from the security of society. It happens every day, right now in front of you.

credits:  Mireille Sand, Stefan Bitelli

interactive artwork

Behind the mask


2002- ongoing series    |    various places, museum, everywhere


Who are we behind the mask, one mask, many masks. To scratch away the mask, to dissolve it, to dare, to recognize ourselves, to see the opposite, to show ourselves - this series started in 2002 and continues. During exhibitions I make interactive portraits.

credits: Valeria Bobnieva, Denise Bodenmann, Fiona Börner, Rita Costa, Daria Horskova, Nea Jane, Anna Pona, Marius Koechlin, Halyna Korbenko, Becky Reusser, July Romanova, Sara Scarlett, Katja Zurbuchen...




2012- ongoing series  

various places, museum

Sometimes it feels like...Who is the one who thinks, thoughts noise, press, burden, block, turn.




2018    |     Bank of international settlement, Basel, Switzerland    |     not yet realised


7 black stones, matt polished, standing, falling, balancing in the world of storms and constant changes.


into the silence ll

2008     |     Art Festival  Strasbourg    Jardins de Gaia,  France

A landscape shrouded in purple In a narrower sense, purple refers to a very saturated reddish-purple or violet-red hue of "splendid" effect, associated with "supreme glory" long before antiquity, as early as 1600 B.C., but also compared by Homer to (coagulated) blood. In the installation into the silence ll, the landscape, and thus the perception, is manipulated and interwoven so skillfully that a constant change of state takes place. In the process, the color acts as a complement to the surrounding green. A play with perception- a worship of nature. The focus is both on the place and the silence in the Japanese garden, but also on the sounds, the rustling of the bamboo leaves in the wind - because style is always relative. Humans are not able to experience it in its abso-lute form, so silence is always a relative perception and also sound.

The visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty and fragility of the world and let inner images arise that inspire them to reflect.

credits: Peter Waltisperg


Moving Cubes


2011    |     Baden, Switzerland


Moving cubes


In this concept design, a public square is equipped with movable cubes of 5x5x5 meters. The cubes are movable and can be played with multifunctionally. They are conceived as a moving sculpture and designed as an interactive, playable, walkable, usable, changeable work of art.

video link

credits: Joanna Lawson

cubic artwork



2014    |      Hochbau und Planungsamt, Basel, Switzerland      |     not yet built


A house consisting of 2 cubes that intertwine and generate a new interacting spatial experience. A walkable art space work.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-28 um 10.33.35.png



2007     |     private    |     Birsfelden, Switzerland


A concrete wall hard and opaque, pierced with leaves - play of light - views - constantly transforms with the course of the sun and the weather.  A walkable art space work.

credits: Marta Yebra



2020 |     Garten zur Sandgrube |  Basel, Switzerland

INSIDE-OUT, verborgenes wird sichtbar und hörbar gemacht. 

Was an die Oberfläche gebracht wird, wird selbst zur Oberfläche. Die spiegelnde Oberfläche erlaubt einen tiefgreifenden Einblick, in ein scheinbar undurchlässiges Objekt. Die Spiegelung repräsentiert den Blick nach innen, den wir beim genauem hinschauen und hinhören bewusst oder unbewusst erleben. Von innen nach aussen - nach innen, eine scheinbar statische Pendelwirkung, in Stein gemeisselt.Klanginstallation, unterirdische Mikrofone und Hydrofone übertragen Klänge in unscheinbare Lautsprecherim Pavillon

Credits: dars collective,  Ramon de Marco, Simon Hauswirt, ideeundklang

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-28 um 10.49.33.png

Red cubes

2015   |    Moscow; russia    |       still unbuilt

A red cube, 5x5x5 meters stands together with 2 others on the red square in Moscow. It moves millimeter by millimeter and changes its position, multidirectional soundscapes can be heard. The form interacts with the space and creates an altered reality.a spatial work in the urban cityscape that can also be installed and work in other places.

vitrine erde.jpg
Anchor 2

Remembrance of the Earth

2014   |     Museum, anywhere

It was a blue planet, fertile and richly filled with a living biosphere. There was life in great diversity. This is a last remnant of the once fertile Earth

public park

public park riehenring

2014      |     Hochbau und Planungsamt, Basel, Switzerland

The park is laid out like a river that meanders through the urban structure and shows the users a permanently changing image from above at any time of the year. Together with the play of the flowering ornamental cherries, which turn into all shades of red in autumn, it is a walk-in work of art that can be experienced with all senses.

competition 1prize,  realised

campus bäumlihof

green waves

2008    |     Hochbau und Planungsamt Basel, Basel, Switzerland

In the school campus lies an undulating landscape of grassy hills that creates a world of its own from every perspective, its soft lines soothingly setting the scene and creating a lively, soft, reconciling gesture in the gray, hard concrete world.

competition 1prize,  realised

sky mirror

Sky mirror


2008     |      private     |     London, UK


Sky mirror

A circular water mirror reflects the sky and brings the sky down to earth. Placed in a shady place. Sensual moments let the mind wander and immerse in silence.



CERN headquarters


2011    |     Geneva, Switzerland


A total work of art consisting of landscape and building volume with column roof. Views in and out.


2nd place in international competition

credits: Joanna Lawson, Heidrun Osterer, Filipe Mesquita

urban flower

urban flower

2016    |     Tokyo, Japan     |       not yet built


Tokyo metropolitan region with 48 million is rare -ideas for a vertical cemetery. The concept is based on a dialogue between volumes in the city and the empty and quiet space in the middle. A new space of tranquility created by a symbolic lotus flower associated with purity and rebirth. A landmark in the city for meditation on life and the positive -worth remembering aspects of the dead. The inner landscape with a water mirror offers a vertical path to the sky with a transparent bottom reflecting the sunlight to the ground street level. The façade of our columbarium is white with a time varying lightsystem. A symbolic lotus flower lies on the city lake and creates a uniqueLandmark and Memorial space. A place with silence in the sound of the city where you can experience privacy and a moment of contemplation in a white inner space that opens to the sky. Room for Spirituality. Water reflects the sky. Experience of Dimension and Simplicity | Shape and substance. Like a Hortus conclusus with round and squareforms, elevated from the street level.

Shortlisted out of mre then 200 entries

red wall

10 Red walls and 201 light sticks


2006-08 | Airport Hotel    |     Basel, Switzerland


The hotel/casino is an internationally visited place at the entrance to the city, with day and night operations. An urban place, a virtual place. A field of islands spans the entire surrounding area and gives the and gives the place its own identity. The illuminated light rods characterize the space at night. The red wall elements contrast and rhythmize the space by day and night.


life path

Life path


2019    |     private | Basel, Switzerland


In Japan it was the custom to lay out the gardens like a poem. Each garden has its own special meaning and lets its own intention shine. This work represents the path of life in an abstract way, the question of whence-where, step by step. without end without beginning, the wheel of time. The path over time, in a lake of possibilities of life. From different perspectives experienceable - from above and below - changing with the seasons.



2021    |     Zurich, Switzerland    |     not yet built


3 cubes interlock to form a building like a monument on the wide lakefront at Archer Lake. A thrown pebble that has transformed and stands as a solitaire in the urban space.



2020    |    Variuos places, earth


The way. A luminous orange straight line that is not one.we go - on and on, on. The wheel of time turns. there and there.

credits: Joanna Lawson




Variuos places, earth

Concept study for a sculpture in public space with colored shadows.



2021    |    Berlin, Germany


Berlin is not an island, Berlin is a cloud. It lets you dive in, edgy soft, symbolic of diversity, symbolic of Berlin. The cloud does not fly around the tower in the sky, it hovers lower, directly overhead, combining the activating power of dawn red with the soothing pastel colors

of the evening sun. Fluid as a sea of waves, it breaks the straight lines of the facade and creates a place for optimism that awakens a healthy recklessness. Two superimposed nets form the envelope of the cloud over an area of around 1400sqm. creating a moiré effect is created. If one moves while looking at the cloud, this effect becomes a interaction arises, very direct and comprehensible, but also very lively and powerful. also very lively and powerful. Movement by wind will additionally strengthen this effect strengthen. From a distance, the square forms a clear point of recognition, which - from the sweet temptation of cotton candy to volcanic smoke and fog - gives freedom to thoughts thoughts. With the view from a greater distance, from Warschauer Strasse or from the window of the East Side Tower, the full shape of the cloud becomes clear. Landmark. Through illumination, the object will present itself in a different light at night. On site, the cloud envelops people, lets them recognize their own cloud and meet each other. encounter each other. It shines in naturally diffused light during the day and at night and carries away with soft sounds from the noisy and restless environment. The pink net gives the cloud its shape, allows views outward and inward. Like the synapses of a brain, like the data of a cloud, the network consists of connections. When visitors meet in the cloud, a connection is also created, they become part of the concept. The cloud is equipped with loudspeakers that play attractively energetic sounds and yet sound as soft as absorbent cotton. The sound enhances the immersive effect of the cloud. is intensified. The installation is given a voice, a direct immaterial connection is created. The soundscape is created with a multi-channel generative system that is which can be influenced by time of day, season and weather. The sounds are meant to surprise, to touch the visitors and to make them think or dream. or to dream. The floor underneath the cloud is a soft rubber granulate in the same color as the cloud. The surface absorbs footsteps and carries people across the square as light as a feather. Objects and pedestals also merge with the floor and the ground and merge into one another. They invite you to sit or lie alone or together or to lie down and to enter into an exchange with the delicate force of the cloud, whereby it never reveals itself to be completely tangible - whether as a contradiction of nature in the city or as a digital cloud. In the midst of this busy and diverse place, the walkable cloud opens up an accommodating contrast as a polysensory embrace.


Credits:  Co work with Ramon de Marco, Simon Hauswirt, ideeundklang

shortlisted 3  out of over 250 entries



2002    |    LandArt    Kaiseraugst, Switzerland       Natural Stones

The pristine landscape, gravel, stones, chaos. Human action, collect, arrange, pile up - a simple form. Cubic element, a stacked cube in contrast with the embracing landscapes of the same materiality.



2006    |    LandArt    privat, Riehen, Switzerland     |     Natural Stone, water


The cube an eight-sided body - a primal form. In this installation, the shape tells stories, the stone carefully selected in the Swiss Alps, a primary rock, alpine limestone anthracite with white veins running through it. Precisely sawn into shape and polished. Over it runs water and ephemeral light reflections enchant the viewer, together with the gentle murmur of the water running down, flowing in the orthogonally framed watercourse.

awarded and published several times


subcontient tunnel

2014    |    Street Art  Rheinfelden, Switzerland    |    not yet realised

A passage is transformed by the light installation. Pulsating light waves create turquoise-azure-purple worlds and, together with a sound installation, immerse the visitor in a surreal world.



Blue grove

2004 | Basel, Switzerland | still unbuilt


A forest of 210 blue glowing light sticks, which illuminate in slowly pulsating waves and play on the non-place in the urban space. Their slightly asymmetrical arrangement creates a multidirectional real space. A blue grove. Can also be installed and act in other places.

art salad

Art salad

2022 | Basel, Switzerland |    


Mirror of time. Mirror of time. Reflection on the current art market, the institutionalised processes, standardised art schools, curated promotion, intellectualised - academicised art that is only halfway understood after pages of word magic. Those who participate, who are there, who are standardised, are promoted.  No one dares to say this, because if you say something, you are ostracised, defamed, not seen. This is how an incestuous art salad has emerged that only interests those involved. For a long time now, people have only been going to exhibitions of the old masters. This started about 20 years ago and has now become established.

22Sept. 02 2022265.jpg
Anchor 1


2022 | Copenhagen, Denmark | Tar on Tar





2018     |     Museum, anywhere    |    woman and men

Duality - unity - one and yet separate. The element of water in us and around us, in front of us the endless horizon, above us the sky and everything somewhere in the universe.Now.One and Two, Three. The sound of the sea..


hello man

2022       |   Basel, Switzerland | Two faced Mirror and Purple Cloth


Change of perception in familiar everyday life. Daily encounter with a tree - why not venerate it, appreciate it, perceive it - just because it doesn't talk?



2005 | Basel, Switzerland | corten steel, water


Art on building by invitation, entrance hall of the new school, waterwall with corten steel. 8 x3 metres.


floating plates


2008-10 | Stadtbau Lörrach, civic foundation, Lörrach, Germany | partially built


Art and architecture interwoven and inserted into the natural space. "The exploration of the theme of open space In the case of the theme of people and natural space, they show here excellently that it works to combine both uses. The experience of nature is significantly enhanced precisely because of the fixtures floating above the water on the shore space. The successive plateaus have also succeeded in preserving intimate open spaces on the waterfront, thereby also providing a visitor-friendly approach to the river landscape. Thanks to the visitor magnets inserted into the river landscape, the other river sections could be left untouched.


Award for outstanding buildings, Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects

Allschwil Dorfplatz

red bench and fountain


2010-12 | Baloise, Assetimmo, Credit Suisse, Allschwil, Switzerland


Art and design Design of benches and a fountain in a public space.

campus breitenbach

Open-space staircase


2016-19 | Campus Breitenbach, Switzerland


The striking arena staircase is the landmark and link between the two schools and the two topographical levels.

into the silence lV

into the silence lV


2010 | private, Basel, Switzerland


purple wall and 21 birches, total artwork in private space. The contemplation of the green contrasting wall, which is permanently in slight undulating motion in the wind, creates a silence and stimulates reflection.


Light object

2011   |    private, Basel, Switzerland



2018     |     Museum, anywhere    |    mirror glass


Spiegelung (working title) is an interactive installation. It mirrors the viewers without judging them. But not

only visually, but also acoustically. The cube is intended to interact with the viewers and the environment, whereby the movements and sounds of the mirrored people are recorded by sensors and microphones.

are recorded by sensors and microphones. This data can be processed and transmitted via the hidden

video screens and structure-borne sound speakers behind the semi-transparent mirror.

The reflection is thus interpreted. The linearity of a conventional mirror is broken up, a shift and distortion of reality is created. and distortion of reality. Through processing, the unconscious is transported into conscious perception, a cognitive shift is created. A subconscious moment in the reality of perception.

With subtle sounds and very discreet visual motifs, the installation invites the viewer to explore the object. By means of but also by exploring the surroundings and oneself, thus a playful self-reflection also takes place.

takes place. The importance of self-reflection is crucial to this installation. Any kind of encounter can "hold up a mirror". a mirror". A real mirror is an external form of encounter with the real-time visualisation of the self. Through visual elements, the usual reflexes of looking at the mirror image are bypassed and expanded.

expanded. What do we perceive? What is the inner image to the outer perception?

The visitors notice that they can change their reflection. Through playful interaction, they experience that physical, visual movements influence sound. By means of sounds, they can in turn manipulate the visual feedback.

A contrapuntal interaction develops. The "Spiegelung" is to be set up in various places in Switzerland and create imaginary connections, people and places interacting in a mirroring way. people and places interact in a mirroring way. The cube is built in such a way that it can be dismantled and re-installed in another place. again at another location.

Credits:  Co work with Ramon de Marco, Simon Hauswirt, ideeundklang




2007   |     Luzernerring, Basel, Switzerland    not built yet

The overarching theme is the xyz coordinate point of the

Earth in the Milky Way. Through the transparent opening to the

the permanent rotational movement of the earth in space can be

constantly perceived in space. The placement of a pendulum is the future eye-catcher on the roundabout. The actual focus of the subway is the round window with a view of the sky. This opening lets in daylight and thus expands the space into infinity. The pendulum is illuminated from below at night by the lighting in the subway, perceptible from the outside and thus also visible. School classes, which use the subway on a daily basis, are to be involved in the design of the subway in our concept. Through the collaboration of the artists with the school over a period of 3 years and the associated changing design of the wall pieces by the pupils, a new, interactive identity of the place is created.


Credits:  co work with Gabriela Disler


benneton teheran

Headquarter Benetton


2005     |     Teheran, Iran        |      Not built yet


A building as a total work of art interspersed with leaves - plays of light - atriums - views - constantly transforms with the course of the sun and the weather.  A walkable art space work.

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