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biocenonosis of the earth



For a contract of humans with the biocenonosis of the earth

(Summary | January 2020 | dj)

What does a missing sensorium have to do with the climate crisis?

A small virus can do in a few days what politicians have failed to do in years. Airports are being closed, emergency measures taken, hospitals built within weeks. We do not perceive the danger directly because the virus is not visible. We perceive the effects and the world acts. The danger, the destruction of our livelihoods, which is even greater in scale, is creeping up on us and we have no sensorium for it. We are getting used to greater heat, stronger storms, melted glaciers, 1 million species threatened with extinction, to name but the tip of the iceberg. We don't perceive the catastrophe and we figure there's still time. Some even deny the catastrophe and politicians are drawing up programmes for 2050. The lack of sensors is serious and prevents us from taking adequate action, as is currently the case with the coronavirus. We do not perceive that the climate crisis poses a far greater threat than the coronavirus. The reasons for this crisis lie with humans. Consequently, the Earth's biocoenosis must be protected from humans.

What is needed now is a treaty based on ecology and superior to humans, valid worldwide, with power to protect the biocenonosis of the earth, with the aim of securing our basis of life for all.

Only when ecological laws are placed above particular interests will the money be invested in a circular economy and production processes become truly sustainable. Only then will we have created a sustainable basis for all.

This is possible - today - there is no question whether it is economically feasible - the threat to our existence is real, insidious, it is billions of times greater than the corona virus.

The necessary paradigm shift is countered by particular interests, the lack of a sense of the creeping catastrophe, the power of habit, convenience and the common value system. We are stuck in a vicious circle and it seems that only disaster can stop the cycle. Do we need unspeakable catastrophes, like 2 world wars, which it took to found a UNO? The ecological transformation is necessary. Human behavior changes very slowly. In addition the fear to have too little, to still want to have more, even if some already have enough over all masses, the greed of individuals knows no limit. We cannot force people to change. This favours the present situation. A change can only be achieved through a realization, the understanding of each individual. Understanding these mechanisms and the current situation, on a scientific basis, with objectivity, enables us to break the vicious circle. We have developed laws and penalties that regulate the interhuman level. But this is not enough. The biocoenosis earth must be protected from humans hierarchically on a level higher than the human being, detached from religion, ideology, nation states, politics and individual interests.

The coronavirus shows that this is possible. If we humans want this, worldwide, individual interests of states and power structures must be subordinated - as in the case of the virus, the big picture must be seen. That sounds radical, some will say it is impossible. The climate crisis must be seen in the true dimension of the threat, which enables us to take the necessary measures and implement them now. We are at the dawn of a new age, technological progress is racing exponentially, while the political system is lagging behind in the Stone Age. Our planet is a paradise and we are guests here. If we want the children of our children to experience this, we must act now. We have the intelligence and the necessary knowledge.

The signatories of this manifesto call for a treaty between humans and the biocoenosis earth.

This Manifesto was sent to the following institutions and personalities on 5 March 2020:

David Attenborough, Ida Auken, Alain Berset, Jeff Bezos, Cate Blanchett, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Leonardo di Caprio, Ignazio Cassis, George Clooney, Jan Delay, Die Grünen, Jane Fonda, Melinda + Bill Gates, Greenpeace, Judith Holofernes, Nina Hoss, Hannes Jaenicke, Scarlett Johannson, Joe Kaeser, Jude Law, Ursula von der Leyen, Annett Louisan, Emmanuel Macron, Heike Makatsch, Sanna Marin, Angela Merkel, Elon Musk, Nena, Robert de Niro, OECD , Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Greta Thunberg, Justin Trudeau, UNICEF, UNO Antonio Guterres, WEF Klaus Schwab Weltklimarat, WHO, 5 Wirschaftsweise, Shailene Woodley, WWF Pavan Sukhdev, Priscilla Chan+ Marc Zukerberg


An extensive version on 10 pages with details is also available.

The draft contract will be published in the next BLOG

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