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English translation of the Petition

Now there is a unique opportunity to channel the money flows of central banks and investors into the ecological transformation of the world. The basis for this is a contract between mankind and the Earth as a living community.

The biocoenosis of the earth must be protected from humans,

for the good of all, detached from religion, ideology, nation states, politics and individual interests

We learn in crises. A virus does what years of politics can't do and it works - we don't die when the current economy stops - nature recovers - we can recognize what is really important. Health care, food producers, supply chains, local production, nature as our livelihood.

We do not perceive the much greater danger. The destruction of our livelihood is creeping in. We have no sensorium for this. We get used to greater heat, stronger storms, melted glaciers, 1 million species threatened with extinction, to name but the tip of the iceberg. We think there's still time for that. The lack of sensorium is serious and prevents us from taking adequate action, as is currently the case with the coronavirus. The reasons for the climate crisis are human, on a small scale the mentality of hamster buying, on a large scale the lack of regulation of greed in the market economy, without an ecological basis.

As a basis for the transformation, a contract between humans and the earth's biocoenosis is needed, based on ecology and with global power. With the aim of securing our livelihood for all. Nature shows us how, in the circulatory system that has been functioning for millions of years, the troublemaker is man, who rages destructively.

Only when ecological laws are placed above particular interests, the money is invested in an ecological recycling economy and production processes become truly sustainable. Only then will we have created a sustainable basis for all.

We are stuck in a vicious circle of convenience and habit and it seems that only disaster can stop the cycle. Human behaviour, changes only very slowly. In addition the fear to have too little, to always want to have more, even if some already have enough over all masses, the greed of individuals knows no limit. We cannot force people to change. This favours the present situation. A change can only be achieved through recognition. Understanding these mechanisms and the current situation, on a scientific basis, with objectivity, enables us to break the vicious circle. We have developed laws and penalties that regulate the interpersonal level. But this is not enough. The coronavirus shows that a pause is possible - today - it is not a question whether it is economically possible - the threat to our existence is real, insidious, it is billions of times greater than the coronavirus.

If we humans want change, we have to subordinate particular interests of states and power structures - as in the case of the virus, the big picture has to be seen. Understanding the true dimension of the threat enables us to take necessary measures and implement them.

We are at the dawn of a new age, technological progress is racing exponentially, while the political system is lagging behind in the Stone Age. Our planet is a paradise and we are guests here. If we want our children's children to experience this, we must act now. We have the intelligence and the necessary knowledge.

The signatories of this manifesto call for a treaty between humans and the biocoenosis earth.

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